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Grooming Services

All Breeds require daily grooming, how much depends on the breed, age, or health of the pet. Regular grooming helps to ensure the dog is healthy and comfortable. It is important to note that while many dogs shed, others (such as the Poodle), do not shed as profusely, and require grooming by a professional every 6–8 weeks maximum.

Grooming reasons include:

  • decreased chance of various health problems, such as thrush, scratches, and other skin problems

  • general cleanliness of the pet

  • monitoring of the pet's health by checking for cuts, heat, swelling, lameness, or changes in temperament, all of which could be indicative of illness

  • forging of a closer bond between pet and owner

  • reducing infestation load of external parasites on skin.

Pets are bathed by being sprayed with a hand-held shower head with warm, not hot water, in order to make it a more enjoyable experience. Dogs with a heavy or matted coat should never be bathed without first being completely brushed out or clipped of any mats. We use the highest quality shampoos and conditioners formulated for pets. If the pet isn't filthy, water is mixed with shampoo in a 1:1 ratio to make it easier on the pet and to make sure it rinses entirely.

Hair Removal

The coats of many breeds require trimming, cutting, or other attention. Styles vary by breed and discipline. While some hair removal has its origins in practical purposes, much is based on the taste of the owner, whether or not the dog will be shown, and what work the dog does.


Deshedding removes dead undercoat which is responsible for a large majority of the shedding in dogs. Dog's will shed throughout the year, but in Spring and Fall is when they will experience higher than normal shedding, due to their bodies adapting to the seasonal change. Deshedding will not eliminate all shedding on your dog, however, it will greatly reduce it.

Nail Trimming
Nail trimming is essential for maintaining good health. If a dog's nails are allowed to grow, they will curl over into a spiral shape; walking will become increasingly painful to the dog as they grow, putting pressure on the dogs toes (a bit like walking in shoes that are too small). Uncut nails may curl so far that they pierce the paw pad, leading to infection and debilitating pain. If one does not trim a dog's nails on a monthly basis the quick will grow along with the nail, making it nearly impossible to cut properly. Nail trimming is done with a nail clipper.

There are two main types of nail clippers, the guillotine clipper and the standard scissors nail clipper. We use the one we feel is more appropriate for each pet.

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