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Boarding and Day Care

Boarding and Day Care Services
At some point, you will probably need to leave your pet behind while you travel. Though it is not easy to leave her, you want to be sure your pet has a safe, comfortable place to stay while you are gone. At SHUGREM we make sure your pet feels at home away from home.


Day Care

Sorry, boarding and day care services are not available at this time

Where will my pet stay?

Doggie Bed

Our boarding environment is neat, organized and odor-free. Comfortable beds and large rooms allow you pet to rest during the night. During the day your pet will spend time playing on our day care area, a spacious room with beds and toys that mimic the home environment.

Cat Room

What will my pet eat?

Boarding can be stressful for your pet, even if she is accustomed to it. A change in diet can add to the stress on her body, possibly resulting in diarrhea or vomiting. Bringing your pet’s regular food is the best way to prevent this. However we offer high quality food and can accommodate special diets. Some pets will not eat well while boarding, so you may want to bring along something healthy that can be added to her food to make it more palatable. Be sure to leave specific instructions regarding what your pet can and cannot eat.

What happens if my pet becomes sick or injured?

Our staff monitors the daily habits of boarders. We keep a log of appetite, water intake, urination and defecation. Vomiting, diarrhea or other abnormal activity is noted also. We perform a daily check on boarders to make sure there have been no changes in their physical condition. We have nearby veterinary hospital where we can take your pet in the event of an emergency, if that occurs we will notify you immediately where was your pet taken. We can also have your pet transported to your own vet if she needs medical attention; just make sure to request this when making your reservation.

Boarding & Daycare

Dog Rooms

How often will my dog be walked?

We will take your dog for a walk at least twice a day. Our attendants walk dogs around for several minutes rather than just letting them relieve themselves quickly and go back in the cage.
Cats have special litters that are cleaned daily to prevent odors.

Will my dog or cat be allowed to interact with other pets?

At SHUGREM, we have an open concept for our boarding and day care guests. Dogs are NOT caged; they spend their days together with other dogs in our playing area, supervised at all times by our staff. All day is play time at SHUGREM and there’s no extra charge for that. Rooms are for sleeping and eating only.


Dogs must be neutered or spayed and have up to date immunizations. Each guest is assessed on the first day for socialization skills and behavior.  These and other measures we have in place ensure a safe environment for all our guests.


We have a special day care area where dogs are permitted to play together off-leash. This is great exercise and can be fun for your dog. Even dogs that get along with other dogs can become over-stimulated in a group environment.

Boarding & Daycare

Affordable daycare for your furry friend.

Attention, active and busy people, you can now afford doggie daycare for your pet. Incredible rates for a whole day of fun and socializing time. Pick up and drop off service available charged by the mile. Daycare rates are $10.00/day or save big on a monthly contract at only $150.00/mo. Daycare hours are 8:30 am to before 6 pm Monday – Friday only. Your dog must be neutered or spayed and be very sociable, because all day is play time at Shugrem and it doesn’t cost extra!!!

Our daycare can provide these benefits to your pet:
  • Relief from boredom

  • Relief from loneliness and the anxiety that loneliness can cause in dogs (including separation anxiety)

  • Socialization with people

  • Much-needed exercise and socialization with other dogs

  • Prevention of destructive behavior in the house when unsupervised

  • Relief from guilt for pet parents who feel badly about leaving their dogs home alone all day



Cats Playing Area

We make sure that every pet we received in our day care is a good candidate,  healthy, spayed or neutered and well-socialized who really enjoy other dogs and seek interaction with them at every opportunity. Young dogs often adjust to the daycare environment better than older ones. If your dog is a regular at dog parks, and she plays a lot and enjoys herself there, then daycares are probably ideal for her.

Boarding & Daycare
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