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At Shugrem we know how difficult it is to bear the pain and anxiaty of loosing a pet. That's why we would like to help by sharing with you several options and applications to help you find your friend.


Please note we do not endorse or have any affiliation to these websites or applications. This is a FREE service provided by Shugrem. All access, activation, downloading of files or pictures is under your responsibility.

Social Sharing

The ASPCA app 9available for iOS and google devices) has plenty of usuful information for pet owners, including an action plan if your et gets lost. It also has a template to create a digital missing-pet flyer that can be shared on social media.

Safe Harbor

You're out Searching the Neighborhood for your lost pet, but you should also search online. Go to to look for pet's photos in a database that includes animals brought into shelters and rescues in your area.

High Alert


When your furry friend is lost, put out a Pet Amber Alert at The service will take down information about your pet and fax fliers to vet's offices, shelters, and pet stores; send out info across social media; and call your neighbors.

A Flyer on the Wall


Flyers are old-school but they can work. When you've lost your pet though you have little patience or time to think about what makes an effective one. pet FBI (, a volunteer organization with a pet lost-and-found database, has a template that is fast to fill out and easy to print out directlt from your browser.

That Face


That fuzzy face is like no other to you - or to facial recognition technology. Take a photo of your pet, upload it to the PIP app (, and alert PIP if your pet gets lost (or if you've found someone else's lost pet). PIP will then search out to vets, resuces, and shelters, and notify them that your pet has been lost. It will also scan its database to look for a match.

Finding Rover ( is a similar service.

Helping Lost Pets is FREE to use and when you list a pet as Lost or Found, our members in your area are alerted. We also partner with many amazing volunteer groups across the country that will share your listing on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
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