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CBD Dog Treats

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Some of the ailments that CBD has shown to help pets in the past,
either through scientific experiments or anecdotal evidence
Anxiety – CBD has been used to help both dogs and cats reduce
their fear and lower their anxiety against other pets,
loud noises such as fireworks and lawnmowers, strangers,
trips to the Veterinarian and ringing doorbells.
Aggression – Loud barking and biting dogs have been controlled
in some cases with CBD. Dogs that chase cars and cats can be
treated with CBD on a regular basis and get results,
reinforced with verbal commands during the incidents.
Seizures – There have been scientific studies that have shown
how the introduction of CBD into pet’s systems has
significantly limited the number and frequency of seizures.
Pain Relief – CBD has been used with success in reducing
pain in both dogs and cats from joint or muscle pains to pet
arthritis. Both CBD pet tinctures as well as topical pain
cream can be used together in treating pet pain.
Antiemetic – CBD can be used to help with nausea and vomiting.
A daily regimen of CBD tincture should be used with the
benefits improving over time.
Allergies – There is some anecdotal evidence that CBD can help
with allergies in dogs and cats. Again, an ongoing regimen
of pet tincture seems to work the best.
Homeostasis – Both dogs and cats tolerate CBD oil very well.
It has been shown to mellow them out and reduce their
aggression by improving their homeostasis and immune system.
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