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Coffee Shop Dog Etiquette: How to Enjoy a Cup with Your Pup

If you’re a coffee drinker, you more than likely have a favorite coffee shop that you frequent. If you’re a dog owner, you relish any moment you get to spend with your pooch. The good news is that many coffee establishments combine the best of both worlds, welcoming dogs of all sizes and breeds. Before you rush home to grab your four-legged companion, read up on these tips to ensure the outing is a tail-wagging success.




1.     Find dog-friendly coffee shops in your area.

2.     Purchase the right leash for your dog – they aren’t all created equal.

3.     Don’t leave home without your doggy essentials.

4.     Keep socialization in check.

5.     Address public manners before your outing.

6.     Look for signs your pup is stressed.

7.     Pick up after your dog to leave the area clean and disease-free for everyone.


Finding a new area to enjoy with your pup is exciting! Just be sure to use this guide to keep your pup’s behavior in line to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.

Coffee Shop Pets
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